The wedding eco-system has changed completely post pandemic. with people opting for smaller functions , guest list and budget too.

From big conventions halls, weddings are gradually shifting to private properties or even at homes. For those whom compromising on the numbers in the guest list is unthinkable, splitting the guest list among a minimum of five functions is the new formula.

For instance, if friends are invited for sangeeth, close family will attend the wedding and business acquaintances the reception. This way, everybody is part of the celebrations, she explains.

“The pandemic has taught us a lesson for good. At events and weddings, the wastage is huge, and people end up spending on things that will not last for more than a few hours. As an event organiser, we have become conscious of the material and try to reuse.

Though going the eco-friendly way means investing more time on planning and labour, it is also an opportunity to go back to our forgotten tradition. On several occasions, braided mats prepared from coconut leaves that are found in abundance, jute products,

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